Mothusi readmitted to law practice

Attorney Mothusi is all smiles after his readmission to practice law
Attorney Mothusi is all smiles after his readmission to practice law

A renowned criminal lawyer, Lyndon Mothusi has been readmitted to practice law. On Monday, Justice Michael Mothobi of the Gaborone High Court issued a court order readmitting the cross-examiner of note.

Mothusi, who had launched a petition for his readmission and enrollment to practice as an attorney, was removed from the roll of legal practitioners in 2008 following convictions related to obtaining money by false pretences and money laundering.

When making the draft order final, Justice Mothobi said he was satisfied that the petition was in order and was properly filed through the acting Attorney General Maria Moroka.

According to the order, Mothusi was readmitted to practice as an attorney and also given back control of his trust and business account that had long been frozen. The order reads; “The Petitioner Lyndon Mothusi be and is hereby admitted to practice as an Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary Public of High Court of Botswana and other Courts of Botswana and the reversion and control of the Petitioners Trust and business accounts. The Registrar of the High Court of Botswana is hereby granted authority to enroll the Petitioner”.

In an unopposed application Mothusi has presented before court proven reformation and rehabilitation since his removal from the legal practice. Mothusi explained for the period of his suspension, he had mended his ways out of necessity and the will of God hence the notice of abandonment of appeal noting that administrative laxity could not be allowed to overshadow the period in which he has turned a new leaf, and a lease of life as a responsible man.

“I have long paid all fines regarding the abandoned appeal and pray for reconciliation with the administration based self discovery as a member of the Law Society of Botswana though between May 2008 when proceedings started to date, there has not been any proven action or exhibits of acts bordering on the moral, any fraud, intention to harm or any bad morals on me,” he said.

Mothusi maintained that the civilised legal system should not place sympathy as the yardstick but for reformation as he was fit and proper having entered into many noble acts of humanitarian to restore the diminished public confidence with the sole objective to revive trust.

“These voluntary and charitable exercises have made a significant impact and have been recognised which includes non profit organisations such as Botswana Integration, Reconciliation and Reintegration of Offenders (BIRRO), Childline Trust, Isolated Musicians and the Disabled and many others. These are more than weighty, proven and cognisable indicators of being fit and proper,” he said.

He pleaded to be afforded an opportunity to demonstrate his capacity and to make positive influence on the profession, his family, former clients and the society at large.

Mothusi was admitted to practice law in 1992 serving in the Attorney Generals Chambers as a state counsel until 1997 when he established Mothusi & Company, a law firm based in Francistown. He will now practice in Gaborone. e commission of a war crime shall be held liable for the offence. “A person liable under this section for an offence under this part shall, for purposes of this part, be regarded as having aided, abetted, counselled or procured the commission of that offence.” The Bill, published this week has over 100 pages.

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