Morupisi's speak charity at home, beyond

Mr and Mrs Morupisi
Mr and Mrs Morupisi

Thirteen years of continuous commitment by proud Malaka family, Carter and spouse Pinny Morupisi have ensured that every Christmas the village’s pupils, as well as their counterparts from nearby Lecheng, are feted with a feast fit for royals and then treated to day long festivities of jumping castles.

For the Morupisi’s, Christmas gifts mean hundreds of expensively bought school bags stuffed with pens, pencils, exercise books, rulers, and more, including  food and drinks galore at their residence located along the scenic view at the foot of the mighty Tswapong hills.

The culture of spoiling the village with Christmas parties interestingly predates Morupisi’s meteoric rise in the public service, as he became the Director of the Directorate of Public Service Management only  in 2012 and the Permanent Secretary to the President in 2014.

The spouse, Mma Morupisi, who runs the R7 General Dealer & Butchery, which provides the Malaka community with the convenience of purchasing airtime, electricity and food, started the Christmas party for the village pupils 13 years ago, and estimates that over P100,000 of family resources  has already been ploughed into this charity event to date.

The Morupisi’s home becomes a beehive of festivities every Christmas in Malaka, for parents, who bring along their children to ensure that they enjoy the day with the young ones to the fullest. 

Actually the Morupisi’s  children’s Christmas party climaxes into the Village’s Christmas Party, as everyone, not just the pupils, is catered  for in the daylong festivities.

For the Morupisi’s on this day, they also recognise the village’s school’s teaching staff, who by this time, would already be celebrating the performance of their standard seven results, which are always impressive, thanks to Cater Morupisi’s hand at the school where, as the patron, he rewards, from his own pockets, excelling teachers, excelling pupils of all classes, as well as excelling Standard 7 leavers.

In fact, his village’s school has earned a reputation as one of those rare rural schools that are amongst the top performing schools nationally, even outperforming many in urban centres.

The Morupisi’s would also host a late evening  party for the mature audience, where the villagers  eat and imbibe, alone, without the pupils.

When the first Christmas party was hosted by the wife, Pinny in 2006, it was initially meant for the pupils of their local church, Revelation, as a Christmas lunch.

According to Pinny, as the years went by the numbers of children increased tremendously as the family opened their doors to their villagers’ children.

Today scores of children and caretakers from the neighbouring villages also attend the merriment at the foot of the Tswapong Hills, where the Morupisi’s residence is perched.

There is no doubt that the event is a source of community pride as local community volunteers come in impressive numbers to help in the cooking and preparations to make the day the huge success that it continues to be.

On this day, the patrons did not only hail from Malaka and nearby Lecheng,  as there were guests from other Tswapong villages of Lesenepole, Tamasane and Goo Tau. Some parents also came from as far as Radisele to nick a school bag and a toy for their children.

This year, the occasion was hosted courtesy of the Morupisi R7 Foundation, an initiative of the Morupisi’s.  It is named after Ms Morupisi’s Malaka based company, the R7 Group, which amongst others is engaged in commercial production of various vegetables in the village.

The foundation was registered in 2017 and  this Christmas marked the first time it was unveiled as the sponsor of the Christmas fiesta as its eye-catching branding material shone brightly on the day as the foundation announced itself to the Malaka public in style.

Announcing the birth of the foundation, Carter called upon his community to take the lead and grow the Trust into a national pride by contributing even chickens and goats to enable it to assist fellow Batswana in whatever way.

Morupisi says the 12 years of Christmas activities inspired them to set up the foundation through which they will continue to reach out to  deserving charitable causes  in the country.

There is no doubt that Morupisi’s hand goes beyond the popular Christmas parties in Malaka,

Here he has managed to mobilise his community to found the Malaka Cooperative Society, which today boasts  30 members.

After assisting the local cooperative to register, Morupisi took a step further and  donated  two hectares of cleared land on his farm for horticultural purposes to the cooperative.

Morupisi would also pop out P10, 000 towards the construction of a bus shelter in the village, where the fruits of adopting the  village’s only primary school in 2013, are being reaped as  the school has consistently produced amazing results, scoring over 90% pass, a tradition that continued recently when it notched 93 % pass rate in the Standard 7 primary leaving examinations.

Morupisi has ensured that as the school’s patron, he is up to date with any developments at the school where excellence is encouraged and rewarded across all classes.

Every year Morupisi gives out hundreds of new quality blankets to the Standard 1 pupils, as well as new school bags, with books and pens, to instill positive  self esteem amongst them.

The Morupisi’s also make sure that  Malaka pupils observe  Botswana Day every Friday, by wearing blue t-shirts ( Botswana colours), donated by the family.

He has consistently ensured that he is personally there to hand over these invaluable gifts  and prizes and motivate the pupils in an effort to inspire them to aspire for greatness.

As the patron of the school, Morupisi traditionally hosts the school staff and leadership for a party which coincides with the school’s prize-giving day.

The school also has free wifi Internet, thanks to  the patron’s efforts in mobilising  resources,  while the teachers have tablets donated by the patron for research purposes.

Morupisi’s dedication and commitment to  the development of communities, however, goes beyond his home village, as the people of Moroka in the North East can testify after he mobilised resources worth over  P2.5million so far, for the construction of a hostel for the disabled at Moroka  primary school.

At their requests, Morupisi has also agreed  to  be the  patron  for Lecheng , Xhomo and  the  Moroka  Primary Schools, while  Lerala school has also recently asked him to  be their patron, after  he  had chipped in  with a donation of school bags to pupils as well as tablets for the teachers, during one of their prize-giving ceremonies he graced.

In Kanye, they have recently put a request on his table to mobilise the resources to build a P1.3 million maternity ward facility at  the local clinic. Morupisi has told Mmegi he is confident  the task can be accomplished.

In Goo-Tau, and Matlhakola villages in the Tswapong area, Morupisi has managed to source  air-conditioners for  the chiefs’ offices, following their request, as well as  donating a computer and printer to the Matlhakola and Magotlhwane  kgotlas. Morupisi has also  personally  donated chairs to  chiefs  in Matlhakola, Goo- Sekgweng, Lerala, Majwaneng, Goo- Tau, Manaledi and Mokungwane, as well as donating  75 blankets to 15 needy people in  the villages,  and  45 tablets courtesy of Huawei to  excelling schools in the region, namely, Moeng, Majwaneng and Goo-Tau..

It was another  happy day for Majwaneng when Morupisi raised P20, 000 for  the construction of kgotla shelter.

During the  Bot-50 festivities, Morupisi contributed  cash towards the celebrations in Sefhare, Malaka, where  he also contributed  football kit for the Bot50 tournaments.

He would also donate football kit to a girls football team in Lerala,  as well as t-shirts to  the  UCCSA choir in Sefhophe, among others.

Going forward Morupisi wishes to  contribute  to the national development goals through  the Morupisi R7 Group Foundation, set up and registered  in September 2017.

Todate  the  foundation has already undertaken  a number of  charitable causes, despite   being relatively new.

 In September  last year for instance,  it bought traditional dance attire for Lerala Primary school for P17, 000,  from Gantsi Craft.

The foundation has also  donated P1, 000,  as contribution to  Majwaneng’s  Bot50+2 celebrations.

Mokgalo  school benefited from the Foundation when it  installed  a full set of Dstv, with dish, tv set, as well as donation of two tablets to the school, while Xhomo primary in Boteti, has received a printer, 200 pencil cases and 50 blankets courtesy of the Morupisi R7 Foundation.

In Kgagodi, Diloro,  eight tablets were donated to the school, while  50 blankets, four printers were donated to the Goodhope community.

Other donations by the newly founded charity Trust include a donation of 100 school bags, laptop and printer  to Lerala primary, where they also donated P400 towards  Rolling Girls Netball club and balls to Lerala football club, “Sungwasha”, as well as sports kit  to  promising national athlete, G. Soulo, the student runner  from Gosemama Junior secondary school in Goo-Tau.

The Foundation has also  so far donated  P10, 000 to Spiritual Healing Church in Mookane,  as well as P5,000 and 10 blankets to the Molepolole  AFM church, P5, 000 to Malaka  prize-giving ceremony as well as 150 school bags, and 200 blankets for the elderly,  just to sample a few. Morupisi  also toys around with the dream of building  the first ever  stadium in Tswapong in Malaka, through the Foundation.

“ It would be  a dream to  have such a facility in Tswapong, for  use  by the region. I would like it to be  beautiful. If we can mobilise  the resources, it would be a dream come true for the region”.

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