Manyapetsa Vying For Gaborone Mayorship

Lotty Manyapetsa
Lotty Manyapetsa

As campaigns for Gaborone mayorship intensify, Lotty Manyapetsa and Tebatso Lekalake’s names have been identified as strong candidates for the seat.

Newly-elected councillors are already campaigning for their preferred candidate.

Manyapetsa and Lekalake might make it even though they are yet to be chosen by the minister when specially nominated councillors are announced this week.

The Monitor has learnt that Manyapetsa’s name has been submitted for selection of specially elected councillors. 

Manyapetsa is the regional chairperson of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) for Gaborone constituencies.

 For the first time, the BDP has managed to win all Gaborone constituencies and a majority of the council seats. “Manyapetsa has done well for the party and he deserves to be rewarded for his good work. He knows how to deal with people from all levels, even to organise structures,” a source said.

“When Manyapetsa took over as Gaborone regional chairperson, he revived all party structures and helped a lot on house-to-house campaigns and strategies. He has proven that he is capable. Again he is vocal when it comes to issues that affect people. The mayor’s role is not executive, so there will be no difference.”

Manyapetsa started his political career at the Botswana National Front (BNF) as a choir member and got elected, as Naledi central ward secretary in 1988, became BNF Gaborone South constituency secretary, in 2001 he became organising secretary for Gaborone region.

In 2003 Manyapetsa joined National Democratic Front (NDF) and became the party’s youth president until 2005 when it joined Botswana Congress Party (BCP) as a group member and he was voted as additional member of the BCP youth league.

He became youth league president from 2007 till 2012.

He then joined BDP in 2015 and he was voted as deputy chairperson for Gaborone North constituency and in 2019 he became regional chairperson to date.

Lekalake has served in different committees for the party.



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