Magistrate Mogi Paya, Daughter Laid To Rest

RIP Deceased Mogi Matlhodi Paya and daughter Areneilwe Paya
RIP Deceased Mogi Matlhodi Paya and daughter Areneilwe Paya

BOBONONG: Magistrate Mogi Matlhodi Paya and her daughter Areneilwe Paya were laid to rest at Dandane Cemetery at their home village, Bobonong on Saturday.

The duo met their death on Friday 8, 2019 when the car they were travelling in had a road mishap along the A1 Highway near Dibete.

All the three passengers in the car, including the driver, perished. The accident happened when Paya and her daughter were returning to Gaborone following a visit to Mogi’s mother.

Devastated hundreds of mourners appeared to pay their last respects to the departed mother and daughter at the emotive funeral service held at the Paya household.

Evidently, Mogi was a sociable individual and she impacted and touched the hearts of many people with her personality and character as was described in the eulogies. She was celebrated for her enthusiasm for life.

“We feel the loss, and we are saddened but we celebrate the impact she had on us, it was profound,” her cousin Tefo Paya said in his tribute.

There was an outpouring of love from other eulogists who described her as a hands-on mother that was always available for her daughter, despite the hectic nature of her work.

The 34-year-old was portrayed as a character that held nothing back, oozed positive energy and celebrated life at every opportunity. She was also described as loving, compassionate, genuine, hardworking and God-fearing person.

Her uncle, Victor Paya was proud that despite her achievements at school and work Mogi remained down to earth. He cried her life was cut too short.“We had great expectations of her. Mogi was learned as not only educated. She had a pure heart and realised life without love was incomplete. In our family gatherings she was indifferent despite her status. She was a daughter and performed all grassroots jobs,” he said.

At work she was described by Judge Sanji Monageng, a representative from the Judiciary International Association of Women Judges as hardworking and committed. She said Mogi was fierce and brave.

Her six-year-old daughter Areneilwe was described as a replica of her jovial mother. Her class teacher at Rainbow Primary School, Ame Mwamba, who could not contain her emotions, said Nei as she was referred to, was forthright, confident and excellent.

In fact, she said the standard one pupil was lined up for academic excellence recognition at the school’s impending price giving ceremony.

“At one point I asked the mother to skip her and she refused, she said Nei was too young. I stand with a broken heart, pain, and trauma. I don’t know how I am going to face Nei’s desk without her,” Mwamba said in her tribute before she broke down in tears.

Amongst the people who attended the funeral were President Mokgweetsi Masisi, First Lady Neo Masisi, Chief Justice Terrence Rannowane, Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, Kagiso Mmusi, various Members of Parliament and her colleagues at the Administration of Justice.

Mogi completed her Bachelor of Law degree at the University of Botswana in 2011. She practised as a legal assistant before joining the Judiciary in 2012.

Mogi served as a Magistrate in Gantsi, Tsabong, Serowe and at Village Magistrate’s Court where she was working at the time of her untimely death. She is survived by her mother, two elderly sisters, a nephew and niece.

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