Khama feels vindicated

Khama was charged alongside former DIS DG Kgosi
Khama was charged alongside former DIS DG Kgosi

Following a series of Directorate on Intelligence and Security (DIS)'s court loses and exoneration of his co-accused, former President Ian Khama feels vindicated.

He says the DIS losing streak is a sign that the agency, which he formed after becoming president, is rogue under Director General (DG) Peter Magosi. Khama was charged alongside former DIS DG Isaac Kgosi, former Police Commissioner, Keabetswe Makgophe and former Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Youth, Gender, Sports and Culture, Bruno Paledi, but the latter and the former's charges have since been withdrawn except for Khama and Kgosi. Khama, who has been charged with 14 criminal charges ranging from unlawful possession of a firearm to receiving stolen property could be the only one left to music to face. Paledi and Makgophe have their charges dropped while Kgosi won a case, which will see him get his guns back. In an interview with Khama this week, he pointed out that the cases reveal what has been said right from the beginning, that “the DIS is a rogue organisation led by a criminal who has no regard for the rule of law and the constitution''. "It shows that the DIS have been used to commit gross violations of human rights including in my case having an attempt to eliminate me as I suspect they have allegedly done to others. For them to have been able to operate with impunity in this manner is a reflection of the type of government and its leadership,” he said.

Khama also said his case as with the butterfly (Wilhelmina Maswabi) one, was fabricated by a team put together by Magosi. He emphasised that the intention was to arrest and charge him in order to have him in detention where they would do him harm. “The withdrawal of charges and acquittal of four of the five of us should expose why I am the last man standing. When you know as I do of the campaign of persecution driven by blind vindictiveness, then I do not expect any outcome that is favourable. Plenty of people in the legal fraternity who contact me regularly, constantly indicate to me the injustice that I am being subjected to. Of course they do state the obvious because who knows better than I do what I have done, absolutely nothing,” he said. On whether he would approach court to try and get his name cleared, Khama said the move is a coin toss. “Some in our judiciary are captured. Others are not and conduct their profession in a manner expected of them, which is delivering fair judgments and reject to be intimidated to do anything else. For example, I knew in December 2023 the judgment that was going to come out in February 2024 in my case. I knew back then what I was indeed labelled a fugitive, and that is why at every opportunity members of the regime use the term when referring to me because that is what they wanted and that is what they got,” he said.

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