Kgosi Tawana living under the shadows of death?

Tawana Moremi
Tawana Moremi

Is it paranoia or is the man in real danger? Kgosi Tawana Moremi, MP for Maun West, says he has twice survived death by poisoning, and is perpetually being followed by a mysterious Audi 3 car as his messenger of death.

Pouring out his heart on social media under the sobriquet, Marco Steve, Tawana has sensationally claimed that he is being targeted for assassination and has once survived death by poisoning when he was followed from Botswana by his would-be killers, who poisoned his packet of simba chips he ate while he was watching a football match in Lilongwe in 2012.

Posting on his social media page on Saturday, Tawana claimed his assassins even came to confirm his death at his chalet that night, only for them to run away in to the darkness when they noticed certain Zambian MP Gary Nkumbo peeping through his door.

He claims the poisoned chips nearly took his life, the SADC Paramedic Team at Sunbird Makapolo were guided by his ancestors on the correct procedure to insure his survival. The MP adds that he was recently a target of tea poisoning which his assassins thought he had consumed and started announcing the news that there would soon be a by-election in his constituency.

“The tea you foolishly thought I was drinking and quickly spread the story that the MP had been poisoned, well that tea I never drank because my ancestors were in full armour protecting me. Your best and last chance was in Lilongwe at the Malawi vs Ghana Africa Cup qualifier in 2012, where your team of ‘teachers’ on a ‘study tour watched gleefully’ as I consumed the Simba Chips packet provided, it was not my time…”

The Batawana royal leader also claims that he is forever being followed by a certain Silver Audi A3 that falsely uses the registration of a Maun family. He accuses the driver of the car for harassing his helper at his (Moremi’s) gate in Gaborone as the Audi3 man tried in vain to get into the yard.

He seems to know the Audi 3 personality also, as he claims he remembers the man circling his table at Phakalane during the launch of David Magang’s book.

Tawana previously also posted on his Facebook page that mysterious men on horsebacks had been to his farm questioning his workers about his cattle.

He has also cried sabotage that his cattle were not being bought by Botswana Meat Commission for live exports to Zimbabwe despite the neighbouring government paying millions upfront for live cattle from the FMD zones of Botswana. Tawana is probably the fiercest critic of President Ian Khama to date. He has never shied away from posting on social media that Khama had taken over his son, Leatile, as godfather, against his will. During the run-up to the 2014 general elections, Khama led a crusade against Tawana in Maun, which included the latter’s former wife, where the paramount chief was publicly attacked and insulted. Despite the dirty de-campaign, Tawana went on to retain the constituency. He is currently fighting the  government to return the lucrative Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango back to the hands of the tribe.

Kgosi Tawana and President Khama are blood relatives. Their forefathers were brothers from the same royal house. The brothers  quarrels led to the other breaking away from the Bangwato tribe to form the offshoot one of the Batawana. It was the current Khama who coroneted Tawana in the mid 90’s.

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