Kgosi concerned about murder cases

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SELEBI- PHIKWE: The Customary Court President of Kagiso, Mark Thipe, has raised concerns over passion killings in Selebi-Phikwe.

Thipe said he was worried about men who killed women over relationship breakups or arguments. He said parents who let their children misbehave and let them control them cause these murders.

“Parents are failing to discipline their children and let them control them,” he said. “They let them engage in relationships especially at a tender age to an extent of letting them cohabit.”

Thipe said that parents should take control and discipline their children; and they should be worried when their school-going children were not at home after sunset.

He said his kgotla recorded several cases of parents who came to report their children in cases where they bunked school and spend time with their partners and those who cohabit.

He said that parents ought to take responsibility because if they did not take responsibility as heads of families, cases of and students who bunk schools to engage in mischief would be kept minimal.He said he was also worried about students who beat teachers at schools, which showed indiscipline and explained poor examination results.

“All stakeholders including the parents, teachers and the police must work together to fight the worrisome issues in the community,” he said.

Pastors must help fight social ills in the community from the church setting so that these demonic and unwanted issues may end in the community.

The station commander of Selebi- Phikwe police station, Victor Nlebesi, also revealed that passion killings were a great concern to them.

Since January, police recorded two cases in relation to relationship issues. In most cases, when a woman ended a relationship, the man either threatened to kill them or killed them.

Nlebesi warned that if parents and other stakeholders did not stand up to fight these situations by the end of the year, there would be a rise in passion killings.

He urged people to consult elders or go for counselling when they have relationship problems so that they did not murder their partners or commit suicide.

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