Keorapetse attacks Masisi

Dithapelo Keorapetse. PIC PHATSIMO KAPENG
Dithapelo Keorapetse. PIC PHATSIMO KAPENG

While the Minister for State President, Kabo Morwaeng, would like to believe that there was inclusiveness in the Constitution Review Bill, the Leader of Opposition (LoO) in Parliament, Dithapelo Keorapetse, holds a different view.

He even accused President Mokgweetsi Masisi of making fallacious promises to the masses. Keorapetse made a bold claim this week in Parliament during the on-going debate about the Constitution Amendment Bill No. 4 of 2024, which was first read in April, 15, 2024. Keorapetse stressed that since assuming the presidency, Masisi has been portraying himself as a person who does deal in the interest of his citizens but on the contrary, he argued that the president's decisions have been self-serving. “Since he ascended to the highest office of State President, he has through his assertions, public declarations and actions, behaved like a sophist who tries to pull the wool over our eyes,” said Keorapetse.

Keorapetse stated that Masisi tends to present ideas that look credible and believable on the surface but fallacious beneath the façade. “Often he would pose as a caring President who has the best interests of Batswana at heart. He has tricked Batswana into believing that he is giving them a great deal when he was busy arranging everything so that he either ends up with a much better deal himself or his party, his cronies and/or friends and he continuously attempts to trick Batswana out of their votes and goodwill,” he remarked. Keorapetse further expressed that Batswana should tread carefully and be sceptical of everything especially with the Constitution Amendment Bill that is before the National Assembly for Second Reading.

“I won’t trust any word he says neither should any Motswana. Our country was completely duped by the President who claimed to be a problem solver of note and sold us his quack remedies,” Keorapetse said. Keorapetse’s perception of Masisi was fuelled by the Constitution Amendment Bill as civil societies and opposition parties feel that the Constitution is just a ploy for the President to gain more powers and use it to fight his battles. “The Bill is clear evidence that the government and its leader have no intention of taking Botswana to greater heights in terms of worrying demoralisation. Moreover, there are clear signs of vendettas against former president Ian Khama and legislator, Unity Dow,” he claimed.

The Constitution Amendment Bill suggests that there should be disqualification of a person who has held the office of the President for 10 years from being President, Vice President, Cabinet minister, Member of Parliament or Speaker and disqualify a Specially Elected MP from holding the seat if they resign from the political party they were a member at the time they were so elected.

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