Garekwe’s deserving appointment

In January of 1982 I arrived at Moeng College to start my secondary school education.

I went together with Justice Michael Leburu, Dingaan Moatswi, Otswakae Mosheti, Professor Tachilisa Balule, Pele Moleta, Cortina Ramaja, Mary Ditirwa, Ryder Gabathuse, Chepete Chepete, Obonetse Morupisi, Dorcus Odirile among others.

We arrived as a group of young teenagers yearning for quality education, which Moeng College by then did have in abundance. Unaware to us was that we were occupying classes which a year before had housed geniuses. Mercy Garekwe, Stillwell Dambuza (late), Victor Moupo (late), Joseph Balise, Solomon Ramabu, Abel Modimo, Sebusang Sebusang and others were the crème dela crème of Moeng College at the time.

In this group, we found highly spirited and competitive fellows of whom everyone wanted to be at the top when term results were released. Garekwe was an A-rated student who even before the current times is not intimidated by patriarchy.

She aggressively competed with the high flyers without any consideration of their gender. She was a hard nut to crack when it came to debating skills. Her presentations at the History symposium were articulated with a measure of boastful arrogance. She would speak the Queen’s language the whole day, and the way she wanted.

I have followed all her judgments since her appointment as a justice of the High Court and I have never been disappointed. She has presided over cases some even involving big names and came up with judgments that were well captivated with well thought out decisions laced with the best legal jargons one would enjoy. Garekwe still remains a genius that I met in 1982. She is a good listener and decider of note. Therefore, her recent appointment to the Court of Appeal is well deserved. Here is one judge who can inspire young lawyers and fellow judges to do things that are supposed to be done. I join others in congratulating her for the appointment. You deserve it my Lady from Pilikwe.

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