Gaborone's new CBD: A design or a management problem?

Using the State of Our Cities, the seminar on developing 21st Century cities that was held at Masa Centre on Monday, JAN WAREUS tackles issues arising and quotes from Laurel and Hardy: "I was dreaming I was awake, but I woke up and found myself asleep."

Laurel and Hardy came in handy when I started to write this piece about the seminar and my general feeling of distress after a few hours. I remembered some old movies and in one, Hardy finds Laurel dressed for a party but sitting on the home verandah with tears in his eyes:"Why are you sitting here, nicely dressed and weeping?" "I have nowhere to go. I'm not invited!"

Let us ponder upon this:  Nowhere to go, not invited - a dilemma for us? Who is supposed to invite us, even reluctantly despite our latest fancy dresses? We have a small ball together with our SADC friends but those far away must follow a settled protocol long sincewritten by Big Brother (more about this at another time). South Africa is well recognised despite our high beauty rankings by international polling stations.  Of course, investors, designers and realtors know (or should know this) but are pointing to authorities for help.

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Your vote matters

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