Floods Hit Tutume Sub-District Again

FRANCISTOWN: The recent heavy rains experienced in various parts of the country have caused severe flooding in the Tutume sub-district.

Tutume Sub-District Council chairperson Ishmael Mokgethi made the averment late last week when officially opening the council’s ordinary meeting in Tutume.

Over the years the sub-district, which comprises amongst others, Nata, Gweta, Dukwi and Tutume, has proven prone to flooding. 

Last year the area experienced severe flooding most particularly in Nata and Gweta.

In fact, Nata and Gweta were declared disaster prone areas by government last year.

That was immediately after the two areas experienced consecutive flooding that displaced hundreds of residents.

Government is in the process of establishing a team of experts that include, amongst others, civil engineers and land surveyors to make an assessment of the two areas.

The outcome of the assessment will be used to find long and short-term solutions to disaster challenges in Nata/Gweta areas.

“It has become apparent that the sub-district is prone to flooding. We are just reeling in the aftermath of the flooding that affected the Nata/Gweta constituency in areas like Zoroga and Gweta. 

Now we have registered even more heavy rains (that have caused flooding) in villages with the Nkgange constituency,” Mokgethi said.

Nkange constituency also falls under the Tutume sub-district.  Mokgethi said that Makuta village was the hardest hit with 31 individuals affected followed by Dukwi with 24, Makobo with 13 and Goshwe with three.

He said a few residents were displaced while the floods destroyed the belongings of many others.

 “In our assessment we found that only nine people needed relief.

Six were supplied with food rations while three were supplied with tents,” he said.

Mokgethi highlighted that the other affected individuals had alternative ways of relief, which is why the council did not help them.

“As the rains continue we urge the district’s residents to be extra vigilant to avoid catastrophes that could be life threatening,” he said, adding that the council working with the sub-district commissioner’s office is ready for an eventuality.

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