FCC fails Vision 2022

Francistown Civic Centre PIC: BONANG KEAOGILE
Francistown Civic Centre PIC: BONANG KEAOGILE

FRANCISTOWN: Former mayor and specially nominated councillor, James Kgalajwe has said that Francistown City Council (FCC) leaders have failed to implement Vision 2022, the city’s most decorated and anticipated plan.

In 2014, the FCC launched Vision 2022, which was mandated to turn Francistown into an investment hub.

Moreover, through the plan, the city envisioned that by the year 2022, Francistown would boast a private sector-led economy, vigorous industrial activities and production, export-led manufacturing, vigorous commercial and development activities and effective land acquisition and management activities.

After launching Vision 2022, the council established Francistown Investment Company (FIC) to put their plan into action, but ever since its establishment, there was no robust framework for its advancements.

When responding to the mayor’s speech, Kgalajwe appreciated the fact that in her remarks the  mayor, Sylvia Muzila, stated that FCC has failed to implement Vision 2022.

He said that through Vision 2022, FCC was going to turn the city into an investment hub and generate employment for the Francistowners.

“Please your worship, could you apologise to the people that we have failed by not delivering what we promised through Vision 2022,” he said.

Kgalajwe said that the FCC expected to bear fruit from Vision 2022 through Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) whereas they did not have a local drive.

He illustrated that in the Bible where there was no vision, people perished thus some leaders spearheaded their vision by writing it on a (stone or slab) tablet so that the next generation could continue running the vision.

He added that FCC did not bring any strategies to implement for the success of Vision 2022.

“I will not blame any party, but as a leader I have failed my people (by not seeing) through Vision 2022,” Kgalajwe admitted.

He further said that the FIC, which they formed to execute Vision 2022, vanished without a trace and to date there is nothing communicated about it.

Specially nominated councillor, Zazambi Tuelo echoed the same sentiments as Kgalajwe.

He stated that the FCC has managed to come up with a vision, but their strategic mistake was not spreading it amongst people in the city.

He added that as the FCC they should have sold Vision 2022 to Francistowners so as to build upon it.

“We have failed the people by not involving them so that they can assist in developing the city through Vision 2022,” Tuelo added. Tuelo stated that before the vision is painted in the hearts of Francistowners, it would never be a success, as they need people’s strength and support in order to drive Vision 2022 progressively.

Another concerned councillor for Monarch South, Baboni Mosalagae stated that when Vision 2022 was put forward for investment opportunities councillors were self-driven and full of energy. “In building investment for the city, they envisioned to reduce poverty and create job opportunities for Francistowners,” she said. She added that money was distributed to continue driving Vision 2022, but wondered exactly where the investment ended.

Mosalagae also added that FCC has failed to implement Vision 2022.

Another former mayor, Peter Ngoma said that FCC should stop blaming itself for not implementing Vision 2022 because the developments are at a snail’s pace.

“We can always speak good things about Francistown and call it a city of all things precious, but it is all just a dream, which is far from being turned into a reality,” he said. He said that as the FCC they have failed Francistown because of the central government, which does not cater for the developments of the city.

Ngoma said that even the minister does not have anything for the growth of the city and should take his share of the blame for failing Vision 2022. For her part, Muzila, stated that the FIC started as a way of implementing Vision 2022 and was stopped with a letter from the parent ministry’s permanent secretary.  She further said that since the letter was issued, nothing has been done to complete the FIC.

“Regarding the vision, I wish to highlight that we are left with only three years to reach the target of year 2022,” she said. She reminded attendants that the purpose of Vision 2022 was to make Francistown the investment centre of vibrance though it seems they did not fully achieve objectives they set out for.

She further stated that it is very critical that they internalise the vision so that they can confidently encourage communities to be part of it.

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