Daredevils break into Kgokgothwane�s house

Brigadier Kgokgothwane
Brigadier Kgokgothwane

It takes a brave man to break into another man’s house and steal their belongings in the middle of the night. But it takes a man with more than a steely determination to enter Brigadier Iphemele Kgokgothwane’s home and proceed to steal belongings worth P16,000.

That is what unknown intrepid men did on Saturday night at Nkoyaphiri. They broke into the retired Brigadier’s home, poisoning his dogs before breaking into the house and stealing his children’s bicycles, a plasma TV set and other belongings.

The intruders were fortunate that he did not see them. Though he claims he was away in Serowe at the time, a close associate however revealed that Kgokgothwane must have been sleeping comatose in his bedroom, and the assailants made sure not to rouse him.

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