Catalytic Converter Theft Bothers Police

Catalytic converter PIC: SAN BERNADINO SUN
Catalytic converter PIC: SAN BERNADINO SUN

Motorists have been warned to be on the lookout and not fall prey to criminals who saw out catalytic converters from their vehicles’ exhaust systems for profit-making. 

This plea comes from the Botswana Police Service following the recent police breakthrough that led to the arrest of a Zimbabwean man believed to be running a business trading in catalytic converters in Mogoditshane. A catalytic converter has precious metals that have rapidly increased in value.

It is part of the exhaust system and reduces harmful pollutants coming out of the engine. Catalytic converters are made from rhodium, palladium, platinum and gold, which are all valuable metals attracting the thieves. For a while now, a criminal syndicate trading in catalytic converters is believed to have been selling motorists’ catalytic converters across the country.

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Are police trigger-happy?

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