BPF's UDC ticket contestants decline 'Ke Nako' banner

BPF presidendent Mephato Reatile. PIC KENNEDY RAMOKONE
BPF presidendent Mephato Reatile. PIC KENNEDY RAMOKONE

The Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF), whose slogan is 'Ke Nako', has acknowledged that some members are still aligned with the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) and refuse to contest under the yellow banner.

BPF spokesperson, Amogelang Mokwena, told The Monitor on Saturday that the members argue the party president Mephato Reatile must convene a congress to either endorse or reverse his decision to withdraw the party from the UDC. “Those who disagree with the decision remain with the UDC and have been asked to contest under its ticket. The BPF is aware of this issue but has not made a resolution, as many believe only a congress can make the final decision,” Mokwena said. He added that those who especially believe that they can win under the UDC ticket have remained under its banner.

Mokwena said that although the BPF has withdrawn from cooperating with the UDC, they still have a good understanding and will continue to cooperate when necessary. Furthermore, he emphasised that they are not in conflict with the UDC. Moreover, he said his party hasn't revoked or suspended any members who have remained with the UDC and some have communicated with the party. He added that action can only be taken after the highest body, the congress, has made a ruling on the matter. Mokwena said the decision to withdraw was made in a rush, leaving behind some members who had already invested in UDC merchandise and campaigned extensively.

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