BPF condemns Khama's warrant of arrest


The Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) says it is deeply disturbed by and strongly condemns the continued politicisation and weaponisation of the justice system by President Mokgweetsi Masisi, which the party feels he uses to settle his political scores with former President Khama. Khama is the patron of the BPF.

BPF president, Biggie Butale said: “The BPF asserts without reservation that the recent “warrant of apprehension or for the further detention of a person without a warrant...” issued against Khama has come at least with the acquiescence if not at the instance of Masisi whose self-confessed meddling in the judiciary is public knowledge.” He said Khama has consistently maintained his innocence of crimes he is accused of and has been vindicated in this by the High Court and the Court of Appeal as far as it concerns cases already decided by the Courts.

The party statement written by Butale further says that President Masisi had vowed that he will fix Khama for speaking out against him (Masisi), for regretting ever choosing him as the successor, campaigning for his removal, and for alerting the international community about political repression and grand corruption in Botswana at the hands of Masisi. It continues: “It is, therefore, a common cause that the fabrication of criminal conduct against Khama, confirmed by none other than the Chief Justice of the Republic, has nothing to do with the purported crime by the former President, but pure political revenge and selfish vendetta by Mokgweetsi Masisi. It is also obvious that with the 2024 general elections around the corner Masisi is not just nervous, but thoroughly terrified of his imminent political demise and will not only harass General Khama, but key opposition leaders in the coming months.”

He said given the ubiquitous evidence of corruption, abuse of office and political malfeasance that Masisi has immersed himself in, they shudder to contemplate putting this President through the same vengeance and persecution that he has unleashed against Khama and others when his term of office expires and he is removed at the next ballot plebiscite.

“Many and constant self-incriminating voice recordings of himself whenever he opens his mouth such as the use of pseudonyms to malign innocent people, and attempting to mess with the judiciary to deny justice to his political opponents are matters of public record that put President Masisi’s amateurish conduct on display for the world to behold,” he said.

He said they call on the President to stop fanning the flames of social unrest and political instability in peaceful Botswana. The BPF president said they urge especially the youth to become active participants in this regard and to vote Masisi and the BDP out at the next elections in order to secure their own future and that of posterity.

Editor's Comment
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