BNFYL distances league president suspension allegations

Yadani Boko
Yadani Boko

Some Botswana National Front Youth League (BNFYL) members have distanced themselves from the alleged suspension of Youth League (YL) president, Velem Heii.

A press release issued this morning signed by the YL secretary for publicity and secretary for legal affairs, Yandani Boko and Ofentse Khumomotse, reads: “We wish to distance ourselves and BNFYL from these unfounded, attention seeking and unconstitutional statements, which only seek to distract the BNF and its coalition partners from attaining state power come October.

We wish to put it on record that the purported motion of no confidence against comrade Heii has no legal basis and therefore a nullity”. 

Some members of the YL, who supposedly had been planning to topple him, allegedly suspended Heii.

The letter says the secretary general of the youth league, Osenotse Mabote does not even take the public and the members of the BNF into confidence on the alleged misconduct committed by the YL president. 

Boko and Khumomotse said the reasons behind the purported vote of no confidence are sketchy, bold and unsubstantiated. 

“We regret the disinformation peddled by the secretary general and call upon all BNF members to ignore and treat such statements with contempt.  We view the conduct of the secretary general as being treasonous and a betrayal of people’s desire to effect regime change. 

We wish to alert the general membership of the BNFYL and the public at large that there is a third force fuelling the divisions and fissures within the Youth League.” 

The press release says the BNFYL secretary general is in cohorts with the BNF Veterans Association in an attempt to undermine and destabilise the leadership of BNF president, Duma Boko.

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