BDF’s half a billion pula rescues broke DIS

DIS office
DIS office

Following last year’s reports that the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) is struggling financially, the controversial and extravagant security organ has taken P484, 264, 001 from Botswana Defence Force’s (BDF) developmental budget to aid the struggling entity. Although it did not admit outrightly that it was broke, the DIS indicated then that it was not able to have all its needs funded by government.

Speaking of needs, the 2024/2025 draft estimates of expenditure from the consolidated and development funds now shows that the DIS has found a way around its sorry financial state. DIS’ sister organ, the BDF, has rescued the day with the Total Estimated Cost (TEC) for strengthening the latter’s capabilities being reduced by P484, 264, 001 from P4, 259, 000, 000 to P3, 774, 735, 999 to cater for DIS’ activities.

In the Transitional National Development Plan (TNDP) draft estimates, DIS’ development budget for the two fiscal years stood at P737, 200, 000 therefore the P484, 264, 001 from the BDF now takes the DIS’ budget to P1.2 billion. When the current financial year ends next month, the DIS is expected to have spent P421, 586, 001 in their first year. That means in the second and last financial year ending March 2025, the DIS will be left with P799, 878, 000 thanks to the BDF aid.

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