Agony of growing old without a home


The long wait for the allocation of plots has stripped many Batswana of their dignity as they are forced to forever remain under their parents’ roofs.

This was revealed by the Member of Parliament (MP) for Bobonong, Taolo Lucas when debating a motion on Friday. Lucas had tabled a motion requesting government to conduct a comprehensive land audit to determine ownership, distribution, use, or misuse of land in Botswana to evolve an efficient, productive, and equitable land use plan for the country. The legislator revealed that most Batswana in their 50s are still living with their parents and their own families and their siblings, something that has left most of them frustrated and no longer having dignity.

“Families are in disputes because they are crowded in one place without residential plots. Married couples are fighting with their in-laws and partners’ siblings. The fights could have been avoided if the government could have allocated plots on time. Delays in plot allocation are frustrating people; they no longer have dignity. The government of today is failing to deliver services to a population of two million whilst, in some countries in the region, it would be the equivalent of the population of that country's district. Some people have been on the waiting list for more than 30 years and are currently in their 50s without plots,” he said. Lucas said this calls for a comprehensive land audit to establish what could be the problem. He stated that Batswana have lost hope in the government of today, something that is evident as they could not miss talking about plot allocation in kgotla meetings and across social media platforms. “Acquiring land remains a frustrating exercise for Batswana. There is nothing more peaceful than having a place of your own, but this is no longer possible in Botswana. Most people do not have plots unless they have bought or inherited them; how should people wait for years to be allocated plots? People are allocated plots when they are old and no longer have the energy and money to develop the land and have lost their dignity,” he said. Furthermore, this prolonged wait for plot allocations has given rise to what some experts call a 'failure to launch' scenario amongst the youth. The term 'failure to launch' typically refers to individuals, often young adults, who face challenges in achieving independence and autonomy, such as moving out of their parents' homes, establishing a career, or acquiring property. This underlying theme aligns with the challenges and frustrations associated with delayed access to key resources needed for personal and family independence.

Editor's Comment
Government’s efforts commendable!

Since the news broke, the government made sure to work hand in hand with the South African government to assist the families of the victims. The two countries came together to help the families identify the bodies of their loved ones through DNA testing. The government also announced that they would assist families with food for mourners before the funerals.Even though the deceased persons were mostly residents of Molepolole, the government...

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