A classic encounter with ‘yellow monster’

An irate squatter stood in the way of the raging ‘yellow monster’ PIC: PHATSIMO KAPENG
An irate squatter stood in the way of the raging ‘yellow monster’ PIC: PHATSIMO KAPENG

“Nna nkuke ka katakata (carry me with your bulldozer), a squatter woman in Mogoditshane on Monday boldly stood in front of a bulldozer as it was about to bring down her home into a massive heap.

The woman, who was carrying a child on her back, could not believe the Kweneng Land Board’s decision to obliterate her place. The latter had sent a bulldozer popularly known as the ‘yellow monster’ to demolish various structures in the squatter settlement in Nkoyaphiri ward in Mogoditshane. The monster was about to leave the woman and her children without a roof over their heads. There was really no time to retrieve items such as furniture because just like other affected squatters, she had failed to move out before the operation began. The woman did not care to clear out her belongings as the bulldozers’ shovels loomed. Instead, she was brave enough to stand in the way of the raging ‘yellow monster’ which was ready to swing into action, clearing everything in its path. She could not take the police’s advice to move out of the way setting a classic altercation between her and the ‘yellow monster’.

The woman who did not reveal her name after her classic encounter with the monster, was ready to put her life on the line to protect her family’s property. She believed that their property rights had been trampled. Her heroic efforts managed to stop the monster from ravaging her property and therefore they lived to fight another day. Although the Land Board did halt the monster’s shovels because the government had intervened, Kweneng Land Board chairperson, Kgang Kgang has since indicated that the ‘yellow monster’ will be back to action. ‘’Last week there were two men and women who came here. They took my number and my brother’s and said they will call us to come to the Land Board. Now, we’re surprised because we do not know what is happening. I don’t understand if they are going to tear down the house or what,” the persistently bold woman said. She maintained her family had lived there for years and it was surprising to see the Land Board and their 'yellow monster' threatening to bring down their house. “We accepted a letter from the Land Board asking us to come back and wait for our plot in Mogoditshane.

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