Business Unusual: Artists working for politicians

A fellow artist said he was approached by a political party to do a theme song encouraging youth to vote for them. Ha! He said they would pay him a lotta staxxx but he still felt as though it would be wrong. My advice to him was to take it because it was just like any other business transaction and his fans will judge him, but he needs to know where his principles lie.

I believe his hesitation led to the normal people, yes, I mean Vee and the jazz guy getting the tender. He is a blessed man – granted. I have no jealous bone in my system still but I believe this is a reflection on the monopolization of the entertainment industry by the same characters. It is a pity Ozzi F Teddy is busy pissing people off and the other possible artist is a transsexual, which is illegal and everyone else is ‘too deep’. Berry Heart already left a smudge at the Office of the President but I would have liked to see artists such as Tsweksy Gee, Abb7y or Lee Tshipana contacted to engage in such a project. They are the youth, are they not? What about those who are born in this country or hold Botswana citizenship but have ancestors from Reunion Islands, Zimbabwe, Nigeria or UK? They have Omang but are never engaged to take part as if they ‘are not’ Batswana such Christophe, RaeLyric or Cedric, Ngozi Chukura etc – they are youth, talented and in positions of newness, are more likely to attract new votes?

Are the people in positions of empowerment just plain cheesy and shallow? Do they like shortcuts or do they fear taking a risk on talent? It is a bore to see the same things. No wonder VS and Scar are indifferent.

Editor's Comment
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