Zikhali, Teffy T’s harmonious fusion takes global stage

Kwana le Kwana cover
Kwana le Kwana cover

In a groundbreaking musical fusion, South African Motswako trailblazers Zenzo Ngqobe, also known as Zikhali, and Teffy T have unveiled their latest single, Kwana Le Kwana, providing a tantalising glimpse into their upcoming album.

The dynamic duo's collaboration was sparked organically, as Zikhali recalled: "I met Teffy T through a mutual friend a couple of years ago. We started sharing music and spending time in the studio, then came concepts and concepts," Teffy added. "I had a beat from KS (Botswana) my producer, and this beat was banging, sounding like a live band. Kwana Le Kwana just landed as a concept, and we pushed with it." Their artistic synergy becomes evident in the rhythmic cadence of the song, blending Zikhali's extensive acting background with Teffy T's Motswako prowess.

Teffy T emphasised the cultural essence of their creation, stating: "This song culturises my music before it globalises. The message tells you about our lifestyle in our language and around where I live. If you don't respect people, you will get hurt, everywhere you go Zikhali, highlighting the collaborative spirit, shared. "Collaboration means growth for Botswana and SA artists. That's the impact we want—growth for the youth and the upcoming." In an era where singles dominate, the duo seeks to transcend musical boundaries, planning to merge their music and acting talents in theatres. Teffy T, anticipating his visit to Gaborone in March, expressed his eagerness to explore collaborations in different genres. He envisions this collaboration as a cultural ambassador, taking Botswana's rich heritage to a global audience.

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