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Godiraone Mateise, popularly known as Term Ntombo has emerged as hip hop rhythm fusion artist in Botswana.
Godiraone Mateise, popularly known as Term Ntombo has emerged as hip hop rhythm fusion artist in Botswana.

Godiraone Mateise, popularly known as Term Ntombo has emerged as hip hop rhythm fusion artist in Botswana.

In an interview with Mmegi Online, Term Ntombo traces his musical journey back to 2001, where the rhythmic cadence of high school rap battles and collaborative musical ventures first captured his passion. He says the crucible of high school became his creative playground, a realm where rap battles and collaborative melodies with friends set the stage. "The year 2008 witnessed a collective shift in my musical trajectory with the inception of Mobbstar Connexion, a group formed with two close companions, the release of Love 4 the Game, a radio-hit single, marked a pivotal milestone, setting the tone for our mixtape First Step to Elevation in 2013," said Term Ntombo Ntombo also says the temporary disbandment of Mobbstar Connexion in 2014 triggered by a member's move overseas for studies and financial constraints led Term Ntombo to a hiatus from the musical landscape. "The group separated in 2014 because one of us went overseas (UK) for school, also we didn't have enough finances for studio and marketing. That's the time I left music," Term Ntombo said.

However, Term Ntombo says the pandemic unfolded a serendipitous reunion with his producer, Obylardo. Term Ntombo says when Obylardo recognised his latent, he proposed a musical renaissance, and a pact was sealed. Term Ntombo says he once again found himself back in the rhythmic groove, crafting melodies that resonate with the resilient spirit of Botswana. "COVID-19 came and I was idle like everyone else and by God's grace I was around my producer Obylardo most of the times. He asked me to try music one more time and we had a deal, now we are here," Term Ntombo alluded. He says his musical palette draws inspiration from luminaries. "My inspiration comes from the likes of Zola, Tuks Senganga, Ndingo Jowa, Lizibo BW, and the immortal technique, lends my compositions a diverse and rich flavour. Paying homage to the old Kanye West and finding contemporary inspiration in Big Zulu and Nkabi Nation, I really commend their groundbreaking approach to music," Term Ntombo said.

Proudly representing Bokalaka, Term Ntombo says he is a storyteller, sharing his life experiences and cultural roots through Afroancestral and Motswako genres. "My afro signifies the beats, while ancestral encapsulates the lyrical content, helping me delve into the cultural tapestry of weddings, cultural events, and the sagacity passed down by elders," he said.

Additionally, Term Ntombo says while financial constraints persist in amplifying his musical resonance, he adeptly uses social media platforms and collaborates with peers like Ndingo Jowa, Lizibo, and Sereetsi to disseminate his message. "My music is not merely an auditory treat but an endeavour to instil pride and a sense of belonging amongst listeners," Term Ntombo added.

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