Taylor releases uplifting album


Golesedi Taylor, who goes by the stage name, Dylan Washington Taylor, has released an album dubbed Get Famous Or Die Trying. The album is released under his label, Dylan W Taylor Records.

The album features songs by various artists signed under the label, including Taylor himself, Juicy Black, Sabina Valentino, Phol D, Slima, Prez Millz and Nicole Martinez. The album boats 12-tracks like Let’s Go Wild Now and Vanilla Sky. Other songs on the album include Infamous, Famous, Know My Name, I can’t Wait, Mamasita, Party All Night, Weekend Hour, Heartbreak and Rockstar.  Taylor has five songs in the album.

Let’s Go Wild Now, which features Nicole Martinez, was written and composed by Taylor. The song, which could be assumed to refer to partying, has a profound meaning behind it.  “It touches on issues affecting our wilderness. The song mostly addresses the issue of poaching, and endangerment of animal species due to a number of factors, which include modernisation. The song is a clarion call to Batswana to work together to solve this problem in a way that would be lucrative to the country’s tourism,” he said.  Vanilla Sky embodies Botswana’s pride, he said. “Our country was originally labelled a hopeless country with no potential for future prosperity. It was also rated among the poorest countries in the world.

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