Songstress Ms Abbey releases Vacation

Ms Abbey
Ms Abbey

A local artist, Abigail Muzenda who goes by the stage name is Ms Abbey has released a song titled Vacation.

The song is a reminder about the importance of taking time off duty and spoil oneself.

In an interview with Arts & Culture, the artist said workers deserve to go on vacation just to relax for a while and stay away from their everyday crazy work life.

“This song is mostly talking about people who have being working hard this year career wise and chasing their dreams.  Those who have been working hard deserve to go on a vacation to relax a little bit, get away from crazy life, have time for themselves and recuperate,” she added.

She said a friend who has been complaining about her job inspired her to come up with the song. Ms Abbey revealed that her friend was tired as a result of working too hard. “She complained about fatigue. The first thing that came to my mind was ‘vacation.’ That is when I started writing this song,” she said.

Ms Abbey composed the song herself. It was released on August 8, not long after she dropped another song titled Fine Times with DJ Chabo in July. Moyo produced Vacation in Johannesburg, South Africa at Optimusic studio.

Ms Abbey said she intends to grow her career so that she could feature renowned local artists and DJs in her upcoming songs. For an artist who believes in consistency, the musician said she would like to make a mark in the local music industry as an independent artist. Ms Abbey was quick to say she hopes to release her new album in December this year.

“I would like to tell upcoming artists that if they are not doing what they like, then they are wasting their time. Don’t give up because of what people say.  People will tell you what stuff based on their own experience. Until you experience something for yourself that is when you can say ‘I am going to stop’. However, giving up is not an option.

Don’t be scared to visit radio stations to give out your music because if you are afraid you might not play your music. Be bold, confident and do your music,” she advised.

She urged other upcoming artists to keep on pushing until they get it. “I started doing music three years ago but got my break this year”.

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