Sasa Klaas matures musically

Sasa Klaas
Sasa Klaas

Female rapper Sarona ‘Sasa Klaas’ Motlagodi has matured musically, if the popularity and growth of her latest offering, MmamoNgwato, is anything to go by.

The song shows a marked difference from the musical offerings the sassy rapper released a few years ago when she first entered the music industry.

Sasa Klaas has invested into revamping her look and improving her stage act. She has started wearing catchy unique outfits like those of her contemporaries like Nicki Minaj, Foxxy Brown and Nomuzi Mabena.

Sasa Klaas disappeared from the public eye for a brief period to focus on developing her music craft. During her hiatus, the rapper worked tirelessly on a number of tracks that were supposed to be in a mix tape. One of the tracks, HADSAN is a song in which she raps about her hustle and ‘haters’. 

Prior to the release of the mix tape, Sasa Klass was signed by Virgin Brew, which put more impetus on her career and connected her with top class music producers for her upcoming album.

Sasa Klass is currently working with award winning South African music producers such as Lunatik of Caracara fam, Air Dee who produced for AKA and Cash Time Life, and veteran producer Thasman who has worked with the likes of HHP, Zola and Metswako.

“I am working with a group of talented music producers for my upcoming album, which is in the pipeline. Thasman is the executive producer for the album - he has produced seven tracks so far on the album,” she said.  Most of the songs produced by the music producers have been nominated in a number of international award ceremonies such as BETs, Channel O and MTV awards.

Sasa Klaas also said that the producers will help her compile her upcoming 15 track yet unnamed album, which has at least two bonus tracks.

The album will be released next year. She is currently under the mentorship of Motswako guru HHP.

Sasa Klaas has worked with a number of local and international musicians on the album such as Malik and Samantha Mogwe. She has a wish of working with Charma Gal.

“Signing up with Virgin Brew helped me big time because it gave me the opportunity to work with talented producers. It is a great opportunity for me since I was struggling to raise funds so I could record my music,” she said. 

Sasa Klaas shared that she has decided to make music her full time career, and is now thinking of recruiting live instrumentalists and a scratch DJ, to add flavour to her performances. She urged her peers to invest in their music and create quality music.

Of late, the rapper has adopted an Afro centric style, which she says has an influence on her music and image. As one of the few female rappers in the country Sasa Klass feels that there is less competition in the industry and hence encouraged more ‘femcees’ to take to the mic. 

Sasa Klaas has worked with international female rappers such as DJ Naida, Ru, Gigi LaMayne and Devour.

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