Queen Shooter makes a mark in the videography industry

Queen Shooter, is one of the few women cinematographers in Botswana
Queen Shooter, is one of the few women cinematographers in Botswana

Malebogo Timpa, also known as Queen Shooter, is one of the few women cinematographers in Botswana. The young woman studied Multimedia, which ignited her love for videography and passion for media production.

This videographer is specifically into music videos although she still does other things such as graphics and other related projects. "I studied Multimedia at school and also learnt a lot online.

I have three years experience in the industry. I am passionate about my work. I also want to show people that ladies can be equally good at jobs perceived to be done by men since this industry is known to be male dominated," she said.

Timpa said she worked with so many artists and shot beautiful videos. She added that even though she likes all of her videos, her most favorite is the one she shot with Mlesho featuring Charma Gal for Bae Batla video. She added that the video she shot in South Africa for Mr Lenzo ft Inathi and Khaju called Thula is one of her proudest works. Furthermore, Timpa explained that the public had shown her so much love saying wherever she goes, people appreciates her work. She said her viewership in YouTube proves that people recognise and appreciate her talent.

She added that all the videos she shot were inspired by the song's interpretation. "All my works are published on Youtube. Currently I use YouTube as a platform to showcase my work locally and internationally.

Being a female videographer is a challenge on it's own in this industry. Many people do not believe that I am the one behind the production simply because I am a woman. Some also doubt that I am capable enough to deliver such work as a woman so I am forced to prove my self through my work," she said. Currently, Timpa said she was working towards her achievements. She added that she would not say she had achieved anything since she was still striving for greatness.

Timpa pointed out that Batswana could find Queen Shooter's work on her YouTube channel called 'Queen Shooter BW'.

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