Panaka: An appreciation of a woman

Kid West's new song is dedicated to the kind of love men have for their women
Kid West's new song is dedicated to the kind of love men have for their women

An upcoming artist from Tutume, Thato Rodgers, also known as Kid West in music circles, recently released his second single entitled Panaka.

The rapper, who also writes his songs, told Showbiz in an interview that he is marketing his own song to Batswana particularly women.

He said the song is about appreciating a woman, her beauty and the endless love that women give to the people around them. Deejay Lou who worked with different artist like Vee Mampezy produced the song.

Panaka, a song reminiscent of Nigerian style of music, is dedicated to the kind of love men have for the women they intend to marry. In the chorus of the song he explains that he is in love with his woman and trying to win her heart.

“With this song I wanted to venture into something that is different from the hip-hop I am used to in order to win the attention of music lovers and also local and international artists. My intention is to push it very hard so that it opens doors for my music career then get back to my kind of music,” he said.

Rodgers said the feedback he got from most people is remarkable and the song has reached over 6,000 downloads. He also said that he is working tirelessly to make sure that his song reaches radio stations. “I want to give people quality music that is why now I am working with professionals like the producer of my song who is Deejay Lou. I will be working with Hype HD in the beginning of October to set a top quality Panaka video,” he said.

The 25-year-old said that he would love to work with Amantle Brown because of the kind of music she has ventured into lately as well as Han-C. He added that his intentions are to keep on producing music that would attract bigger artists to work with him.

In Panaka, the singer uses Kalanga language since he is proud of his culture and he said in the future his songs would be dominated by Kalanga lyrics. 

“I really appreciate all the people who demonstrated some love and understanding to my song, I therefore promise a surprise quality video,” Rodgers said.

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