Of lovebirds, chargrin and knockouts

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"It is just a game people", "Just chill out", are some of the comments, which could be read on Big Brother Africa - The Chase website. Yah neh, it is just a game, but the game has proven to be more than just a game for some individuals.

Many so-called analysts seem to be of the opinion the hook-up between Tanzania's Feza Kessy and O'Neal Zibanani Madumo was just part of a strategy to win the prize money.   With the cameras long gone it seems the two lovebirds are smitten with each other.

Since leaving the house Feza has graced Botswana quite a few times.  Her first visit was in August.  The makoti, as those who support the pairing would refer to her, decided to stay in Botswana for quite some time.  Ever since, Feza has come to Botswana quite a few times. 

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