Mpulubusi publishes poetry book


Mpho Mpulubusi, 23, has published a poetry book titled Black. The book is a collection of poems she started writing when she was at primary school.

In an interview with Arts & Culture, she said she decided to collect those poems and compile them into a book. She said since she started writing poetry at tender age, she wanted to see herself go further as a poet hence the publication of Black. "My poems generally appeal to anyone. I feel like anyone could relate to what I am saying, but my dream is to see my poems in academia and to have them appreciated all over the world.

My book is a relatively small one as it has 16 poems. Most of my poems tell the reader about the abounding and excessive love of God. They are also my views on certain topics. I feel like I hardly get a platform to fully express myself so I put my feelings on paper," she explained. Mpulubusi added that her biggest challenge was finances to publish the book, to get copies and to promote the book.

However, that did not pull her down as she managed to get international recognition after publishing. Moreover she has been invited for media interviews as well as other events after publishing Black. This poetry book was published last year. Even though she is a self-published author, she said she got assistance from a publisher on what to do. Mpubulusi further explained that her family, especially her mother Tshokologo Mpulubusi, and her brother Keamogetse Mpulubusi supported her towards reaiising her dreams. "My advice to aspiring poets, authors and other creatives out there is to keep on doing what you are doing; take on any opportunity that comes your way. An open door opens more doors. To those who want to be authors, write down that book.

Even if you don't know what is going to happen next, just do it. Eventually it comes together.

Creativity should start at any point. Recite those poems whenever you get a chance, someone will book you for an event and eventually you will get there." Mpubulusi said she is a believer and an optimist. She hopes that one day everyone will achieve the greatness they dream of.

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