Money causes havoc in the Double Trouble house

Lebo and Ex
Lebo and Ex

Things are heating up in Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble. Tempers are also high, which seems to be a result of the R10,000-each won by Mbali and Chelsea.

The pompous and overly confident pair, Matthias and Sibu, initially won the prize, which caused a lot of havoc in the house, during the Friday night challenge.  The housemates were required to get a fish from water and use a combination to unlock a locker, and collect Easter eggs.

The housemates with the most Easter eggs won the challenge.

Big Brother, however, added a twist to the game and decided that the prize for winning the challenges was going to be revealed after evictions. He told the pair that should it happen that they are evicted from the house on Sunday, they would choose another couple to take the prize.  The pair up for possible eviction, Matthias and Sibu, were nominated alongside another, new lovebirds Bongi and Khali.  Unfortunately it was the former pair that left the game on Sunday. 

This surprised other housemates because the pair of Matthias and Sibu arrogantly stated that they were surely not exiting the game on numerous occasions.

However, on Sunday when the show’s presenter Lungile Radu, announced them as the pair being evicted from the house, the look on Sibu’s face was priceless.  He stood motionless with his mouth open in shock.

After leaving the house the two decided to give their deferred prize to Mbali and Chelsea, which happened to be R10,000 each.

The prize money came with tough conditions.  Big Brother shortly after the eviction show called Mbali and Chelsea to the diary room, and revealed what the news, and just as they started to celebrate, Big Brother decided to tell the pair that the prize comes with conditions.

The condition was that should the pair choose to accept the prize, the whole house would have to live on meal replacements, in the form of protein shakes for four days.

Biggie explained that the housemates, however, could have special meals, which would be deducted from their money, and the two women, made it clear to Big Brother that there will be no special meal.

The twist brought a lot of drama in the house, with the other 14 housemates feeling that the pair was selfish in accepting the money, forcing them to starve for four days.

The issue worsened on Monday when Big Brother decided to bring a mobile kitchen into the house, Mbali and Chelsea made it clear that they were not going to buy any meals for housemates.

The housemates felt the two young women were being stingy by refusing to buy them meals, which were going for only R80 a plate, more so that it was one of the housemates’ birthday.  Big Brother added a twist to the whole drama, he ordered Mbali and Chelsea to protect the food from other housemates and make sure they do not steal it.

The twist, however, ended in tears. Ace and Mbali ended up in a bit of a scuffle, which left Mbali breaking a nail.

Ace at the end of the day managed to get the plate and as such housemates were rewarded with burgers and chips. The misunderstanding led to Chelsea calling Ace and his girlfriend Ntombi low lives, which seemed to offend viewers.

There are already signs that the two women have messed up their game by accepting the R10,000 each, and refusing to buy meals for housemates who are having a hard time coping.

The pair is not comfortable around other housemates, and some seem not to care much for the two young women anymore.

The winning pair stands to walk away with the R2 million grand prize.  Big Brother Mzansi: Double Trouble airs 24/7 on DStv channels 197 and 198.  Endemol Shine SA produces the 56-day series for Mzansi Magic.

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