Maitisong President concert fits the Bill


When the Maitisong Theatre lights were turned down low, the city cats came out to play.

They came out from everywhere. From dustbins, old and abandoned vehicles, behind defunct fridges, from the theatre roof, down the stairs, dark alleys and one cat - really cool one - came out from an empty green water bowser.

They meowed all the way to the stage where a charming catfight ensued. It was a battle between Urbanites and Kong cat crews. That was the beginning of Act One at the Maitisong President Concert 2015 on Friday.

Editor's Comment
Gov’t, Balete should bury the hatchet

The acrimony that seemingly characterised the relationship between the Malete Land Board on behalf of the Botswana government and Kgosi Mosadi Seboko and the tribe, should now be water under the bridge as the tribe has finally gotten what it has been fighting for - the land.Kgosi Mosadi has articulated an instance upon which she was allegedly summoned to the State House by the Head of State, Mokgweetsi Masisi where the former claimed she was...

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