Intervarsity madness

Revellers having fun at Intervarsity opening bash. PIC: KENNEDY RAMOKONE
Revellers having fun at Intervarsity opening bash. PIC: KENNEDY RAMOKONE

The Intervarsity games returned to Botswana with a bang as the UB students welcomed them in style this past weekend at the main campus.

The UB campus had “the mother of all parties” on Friday and Saturday nights, as students were excited about hosting the games and meeting up with their foreign counterparts.

The carnival atmosphere permeated the UB campus as early as late Friday afternoon.

Young urbanites were relaxed on the UB campus courtyards socialising, playing music and some imbibing alcohol.

As the sun went down, numbers started swelling as excitement also reached fever pitch.

The parking lot of the popular Las Vegas hostel was packed with cars blaring music from their wide-open boots.

Occupants of the cars sat by with cooler boxes groaning with an assortment of drinks- beer, wines, soft drinks and others.

By 12 midnight it was a full house as more people arrived carrying crates of quarts and boxes of wine to join the parking lot pimping party.

The security guards looked on helplessly as they could not do anything to help calm the situation. On Saturday night at the UB stadium parking space, cars, which were parked nose-to-nose caused traffic jam while youthful revellers lapped up the good time nearby.

The excited students sang along and danced to the music pumping out of the cars.

The parking lot pimping party drew more numbers as people kept coming in numbers till there was no longer an inch to park a Cooper or VW Beetle. 

Meanwhile, those who had managed to find parking could be seen sitting on camp chairs and cooler boxes chatting away while either guzzling liquor or sipping soft drinks.

A security guard said they too were truly outnumbered by the crowds and overwhelmed by the mood and excitement, hence they could only look on helplessly.

The large numbers, were however a blessing to some vendors who sold an assortment of alcoholic drinks, cigarettes and food albeit at increased prices since it was after hours.

There was minimal violence during the unplanned parking lot pimping parties with a few imbibers fighting each other due to some misunderstandings.

Students vowed that the mood would be like this throughout the Intervarsity games period.

“My guy, this is how it will be like for the coming week. We’re not sleeping.

It’s ‘Turn Up’ this whole week,” volunteered a student who had parked by Vegas having fun with his friends.

While some were having fun others where sleeping in their hostels.

The visiting teams from Swaziland and Lesotho arrived this past weekend. Botswana last hosted the Intervarsity games in 2011.

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