I will continue performing and preaching in nightclubs – Vee


Pint sized kwaito kwasa king turned prophet, Odirile Sento, popularly known in music circles as ‘Vee’, had social media abuzz with his declaration that he has fully given his life to Jesus Christ.

Of late, people have been complaining about his performances in unholy places’ such as bars and clubs where recently he has been spotted preaching during his performances, some had doubts about his credibility saying he should stop performing in bars and nightclubs. Sento has however said no one will dictate to him where he can or cannot perform.

“I will continue performing in clubs and bars while preaching because that is where most lost souls are. Those people need God and someone has to help them to see the light - that person is me… I have been chosen to do just that. I do not need to change them, God will do that,” he said. 

Sento further said churches have been too holy not to take the advantage of the grace of God to help the lost souls at bars and clubs, “I have several testimonies after shows. On one occasion a woman came crying backstage after I had preached.

“She testified that he felt God touch her during my sermon and she would definitely go back to church in the morning and worship like she used to do,” he said.

Sento also clarified that he cannot leave music as people have been anticipating. “There because there is a misunderstanding, people believe gospel is the beat not the words. Some people are deceived because they don’t read the word of God,” he said.

Sento, who has been sober for almost six years now, says that his life has tremendously changed as now he can save money and invest compared to when he was leading his past lifestyle. He further urged youth to change their behaviour and trust in the Lord as he can transform their lives to build a better future for themselves.  The electric performer boldly stated that he was one of the founding members of Scripture union at Selepa CJSS up until he backslid and then later retraced his way back to the holy house after seeing the wonders and blessings that God was doing in his life.

“After seeing miracles that God was doing, I just decided that I should also change, and it was not difficult because I did it before through SU at school, that is why I want to help the kids change as through Christ it is simple to help behavioral change,” he said.

Some pastors believe that Prophet Sento has a calling and lays a huge task ahead of him adding that his journey of life relates that Jesus is the solution to rebellion that is visible in the youth of today.

“Because he was once rebellious but now he has truly changed and is now a changed person through Jesus Christ,” he added.

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