Hyperrealism artist makes waves on social media

Thabiso Kefalotse and his Art works. PIC: PHATSIMO KAPENG
Thabiso Kefalotse and his Art works. PIC: PHATSIMO KAPENG

Hyperrealism art is the kind that one may not be able to tell the difference between an actual photo and a drawing. Hyperrealism artist, Thabiso Kefalotse is making waves on social media after his drawing of Dwayne Johnson went viral.

The 25-year-old from Ramotswa, who is a University of Botswana media studies graduate, says he discovered his talent at an earlier stage in his junior and senior secondary school days when he took art classes, but never pursued it at varsity.

He stated that he only found out that there is Fine Art after his fourth year of studying and that’s when he decided to do a short art course.

“After university, Michelle Motshedi, who was my classmate always wanted me to draw her, but I wasn’t too sure about it because it had been a while since I drew anything. I eventually drew her and tagged her on Facebook and I got a positive feedback from people and I started drawing almost everyday since that day,” he added.

Kefalotse said that after the positive feedback, he then had his first paying client.

“I was surprised because I wasn’t too sure people would love it,” he said.

“I drew a few celebrities when I started out, but then stopped because of my then new job,” Kefalotse explained.

Kefalotse said he got clients, but he no longer posted his work on Facebook.

“My job was taking much of my time and I had to find ways of creating time for art because I felt empty without it,” the artist said.

He added that art is his passion and that he posts his work to share a piece of what he loves with people. 

Kefalotse said most people underestimate the power of social media because they do not know the kind of influence it can have on an individual’s career.

“Social media can get you from point A to B.  I know because of the feedback I have been getting,” he said.

He was quick to add that he at times goes to exhibition shows to display his artwork and most importantly he enjoys networking with other artists to discuss ways of marketing art.

“It is really nice to relate with people who know what you are going through as an artist,” Kefalotse said. Kefalotse added that he does not have the right paper, rubber and charcoal used by most hyperrealism artists therefore it is hard to penetrate the art market. 

Kefalotse said that he made a vow to himself to draw every week and upload a picture every Monday on social media.

“I have limited myself by not being consistent hence the need to be consistent now.  Kelvin Okofor and Arinze Stanley are my inspiration and I want to work hard to get to the level they are on now,” he said.

Visit his Facebook page called Art By Thabiso to see more of his work.

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