Hey Nyeenaah relishes his moment


Theo Botshelo Bome, popularly known as Hey Nyeenaah, is a local entertainer whose career in entertainment started with a simple vine on a video-sharing focused social networking service Tik-tok with famous line, “hey nyeenaah’ and it went viral.

Born in Serowe but raised in Moshupa, the young man from Kanye describes himself as a simple guy who was brought up in a simple Setswana home by his grandparents hence his ability to speak fluent and rich Setswana language. He further explained that he was not a comedian like many people think but an entertainer. However, he pointed out that he has a sense of humor and therefore always use it to tell stories that make people laugh. “I am not a comedian as people think but I make people laugh with the way I tell my stories.

I take anything given to me, either adverts or promotion, and put humour on it. I do adverts, Emceeing, promotions, you name it, where you need a voice I am your guy. Growing up, I was a very naughty boy. I liked making fun of others. I was untouchable.

I had a crown of clowning. No one wanted to face me. I would kill you with a few punch lines. As I continued with school, I developed interest in drama because I felt it had an element of comedy and that’s where everything started. My journey to becoming an entertainer started during those days,” he said. He said his career kick-started with a simple video just to kill time during the national lockdown and Batswana opened their arms and hearts to him. Things were never the same again after his video went viral. His career as an entertainer was born. He has 93,100 followers on Tik-tok and 132,283 on Facebook. Even though he has a lot of following and scooped a number of Emceeing posts in a number of local show brands, he said he would love to work with big companies in Botswana on a long-term contract. Hey Nyeenaah said he appreciatee those that give him business even though it was on short-term basis. The talented entertainer said his story content was never scripted.

He explained that he posted or said whatever came to mind. Hey Nyeenaah said his talent was God given. He said he always made sure he chose funny topics that would make people laugh. He said, “ha ke ntse kena le batho re tlotla I can pick a few lines and topics tse ke bonang gore eka nna joke a bo ke gasa fela from there.

Ebile ga ke motho le go kwala mo dipampiring a bo kere ke rehearse, ke kgwa hela.” Unlike many people in the entertainment industry, Hey Nyeenaah said he had nothing to worry about pertaining to his career since things were looking good for him. He explained that he was getting gigs he never dreamt he would host and was rubbing shoulders with people whom he never thought would ever recognise him. He said he lost hope when he lost his job at a certain beverage distributing company but was thankful for his newly found career as an entertainer and was now focusing on growing his brand as Hey Nyeenaah that promotes and markets companies as a freelancer.

Although he also promotes alcoholic beverages and other related brands in his videos, Hey Nyeenaah explained that he would love to be one of the big-go-to promoting and advertising brands in the country. Hey Nyeenaah will host the upcoming BOMU awards on October 23, 2021.

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