Guardians hits the spot

Movie: The Equalizer Genre: Action |Thriller Age Restriction: 16 Release Date: 26 September Director: Antoine Fuqua Main Cast: Robert McCall (Denzel Washington), Marton Csokas (Teddy), Chloe Grace Moretz (Teri), David Meunier (Slavi) and Vladimir Kulich (Pushkin)

This is arguably one blockbuster that I didn’t see coming, went to the big screen with little expectation, simply because The Equalizer trailer is not mind blowing. However the movie is totally sensational, one gets stunned when watching Denzel play the tittle character. The mellow trailer might have been a strategy, not to reveal much about the movie to avoid leaks and other issues such as piracy, when the product hits the market.  The movie is an adaptation from the 80’s television series The Equalizer in which a retired intelligence officer with a mysterious past devotes his time to helping defenseless people in trouble.

The film has the potential to be a Hollywood hit because it boasts of award winning actors and director. Denzel Washington (McCall) plays the no nonsense bad boy who restores balance, whilst Marton Csokas (Teddy) is the villain who will stop at nothing to eliminate the threat, The film was directed by one of Hollywood’s best directors, Movies he has directed include, Training Day, Shooter and Olympus Has Fallen starring Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg and Morgan Freeman respectively. Fuqua’s movies always have a trademark, thus his movies always contain politically driven elements and themes that add a kick to a film. The Equalizer is no exception.

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