Funny man Depay TML lands in comedy


Emmanuel Moilwa, commonly known as Depay TML on social media’s comedy has gained popularity on the platform. This 22-year-old is currently residing in Francistown and recently completed his fourth year At Botswana Accountancy College where he studied BSc Hons in Network Computing.

In an interview with Arts & Culture, he said he was a fun guy to be around. "I do what is normally referred to as Vines. It is short comic or rather content creative videos about everyday Life encounters. I just execute those occurrences into a video and therefore making vines. Honestly I do not know how I got into comedy. But I think it was the love I had for making people laugh and I often believe it was because of my friends Tumalano Medupe, Stanley Moilwa and Gofaone Matekenya. Back in High school we watched a whole lot of American vines and we would imitate those videos after school in public spaces and record ourselves. So out of all of us I was the only one who was left with the desire to do more and craft it," he recalled.
Furthermore, he explained that he believed he had distinguishable traits from other comedians because he always tries to be as relevant as possible. He also stated that he believed that working together can really help one grow. He gave an example of one of local renowned comedians William Last KRM also known as Motsetserepa whom he said their partnership brought Depay TML to learn so much as a content creator and a person in general. The pair worked together recently. The young comedian proudly announced that the public had shown love to him since he started sharing his talent with them. He has close to 60 000 followers on social media, something he said made him feel fortunate.

"This is something that I normally look back and gauge myself with to remind myself of how far I have come. I intend to help more people realise their potential and help where possible. I want to become an inspiration to fellow young people. I want to help lay a foundation for those who want to share their talents with the world," he said. Furthermore, he explained that his collaborations with Motsetserepa turned out to be a hit because together they make mind blowing videos. Depay TML is a photographer, videographer, cinematographer, tennis player and coach as well as a certified Network Computing Engineer.
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