FNBB Mall branch overthrows others in the inaugural FNBB Potong food competition

FNBB Potong Food Festival 2015 participants
FNBB Potong Food Festival 2015 participants

The Mall branch emerged victorious in the inaugural First National Bank Botswana (FNBB) annual Potong food competition held in Tlokweng on Saturday.

Subsequent to the winners are Broadhurst, Riverwalk and the First Place branch, respectively. The winners walked away with a trophy.

FNBB staff members, with the support of the bank hosted and organised the competition, which was meant to build teamwork among staff members working in different FNBB branches in Gaborone. The bank financed each team with P500 to purchase food ingredients. Staff members in each team contributed money, to meet FNBB half way.

The key competitiveness criteria, which saw the Mall branch conquering the competition included hygiene, which the adjudicators complemented greatly. They were the only team that were wearing all white attire and had the most outstanding presentations whilst the taste of their food was average. They seemed to have taken enough time to prepare for the competition.

One of the branch managers told Showbiz that the judges were from local restaurants. She explained that the judges were adjudicating based on a criteria, which included general food handling, hygiene, presentation and teamwork.

“We want to develop a spirit of team work amongst the staff and it looks like we will achieve that. We had invited the six branches in Gaborone but two of them did not show up because of unspecified reasons. We want to extend the event next time and let staff include their family members so that we get to know each outside office,” she added.

One member of Broadhurst branch said the competition was a refreshing occasion.

“We appreciate the whole idea. As you can see, we are working together as a team to produce a delicious meal. We need the rules and guidelines to favour all next time. It would be better if the organisers initiate that we use the same food to produce standard meals so that the competition focuses only on the combination of ingredients and taste,” he said.

A spirit of teamwork and happiness prevailed not just over the winners, but also with all participants who enjoyed every moment of the competition.

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