Caiphus and Tlou co-publishes The Breakup Manual

The breakup manual
The breakup manual

Phenyo Caiphus and Precious Tlou have once again collaborated in publishing their second motivational book titled, The Breakup Manual. The pair previously published their first book titled Hacking Reality that was inspired by real life experiences and the need to direct people to hope in this time of mental challenges.

The book is meant to teach, give life, resurrect broken spirits and more importantly nourish the human soul. In an interview with Tlou, she said the book was a motivational guide on how to end relationships that do not add any value to people’s lives be it romantic relationships, friendships and as well as relations at work places

. She added that The Breakup Manual was inspired by the need to walk away when it is time, the need to walk away when there is no more to live for. “This is particularly what our society is scared to talk about. We often stick to toxic relationships maybe because we do not know where to start to end it all. The Breakup Manual therefore is a guide on how to peacefully let go like it never existed.

We all at some point engaged in relationships along the process we lost ourselves. We did not know how to walk away even if it kept hurting. This book is a perfect reminder of your worth in a relationship,” she boldly pointed out. It has 10 chapters and targets everyone. The book was publishd by PnP Publishers on September 21, 2021. Caiphus is a Francistown-based, born and bred in Marobela. He describes himself as a hardworking, creative, innovative and full of life. His first book is titled The Girl Code season one and two respectively. He is a physicist and holds tutorial centres in Quatum Physics and Quantum computing both obtained from Coursera. He also studied Bachelor of Sciences in Computing at the University of Botswana.

On the other hand, Tlou is a final year student at the University of Botswana pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Education Science (Chemistry). Tlou is an author of A Virtuous Woman including the two he collaborated with Caiphus namely Hacking Reality and The Breakup Manual. She describes herself as a young fiery soul, filled with lots of strength and passion to better people. Tlou says she is a visionary, marked by foresight and speculative ideas. She added that she always thinks of advancements in a creative and imaginative way.

The duo recently officially opened their own publishing company PnP Publishers and co-authored their first book dubbed Hacking Reality.

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