Brand Botswana pays Ja Rule P200,000

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Brand Botswana came to the party on Thursday and Friday spending an estimated P200,000 on visiting American hip-hop star, Jeffery Atkins otherwise known as Ja Rule.

They hope to use him to market Botswana diamonds in America.

In fact, the figure could soar after it surfaced later on that Brand Botswana and Ja Rule were exploring possibilities of featuring Botswana in the rapper’s television shows in the States.

Brand Botswana sponsored Ja Rule and his entourage to five-star accommodation at the Lansmore as well as taking care of the press conference later that day.

On Friday the Brand Botswana took Ja Rule on a tour of Jwaneng Mine to see the world’s greatest diamond mine, by value. 

He was also taken on a tour of the Diamond Trading Centre, to see the diamond valuing and sorting processes. 

He also went on a tour of diamond jewellers, Shrenuj in Gaborone to see diamond jewellery being cut and manufactured.

Asked where he thought all the diamonds came from, before his embarking on his Botswana visit, Ja Rule said he thought they all came from Sierra-Leone.  He added that he did not know about Botswana and its diamonds before he was booked for the Saturday show.

He said he learnt a lot from the visit, especially about how diamonds are being used in Botswana.

He appreciated that they create peace, a stable political environment, take children to schools, pay for medical bills for the elderly, and provide many more positive things.  More importantly, he learnt they are not blood diamonds.

The show organiser Lapologang Malemela said that although they were bringing an international artist to Botswana for the first time, a local company was so impressed with his work they decided to book another big artist through him.

Malemela, in necklaces and gold-plaited shades, said fans should brace themselves for another big name star as they are at an advanced stage of negotiations.

“We have every big artist’s contacts.  Believe you me, we can bring even the hottest of them all, but it costs money.  Bringing Jay-Z here for instance could cost P6 million or more,” he said.

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