Happy and blessed Botswana Day!

The time has come to remember where we come from. The humble beginnings are always the perfect place to start. Botswana day has once more arrived and some of us look back with a sense of nostalgia as we try to go down memory lane.

Indeed we can safely say Ebenezer; thus far the Lord has been with us. Israel was constantly reminded by God to remember where they came from. It is at times not only easy but convenient and expedient, sometimes even soothing like kola to forget where one comes from. Sometimes we want to forget some life events because they bring sorrow and sadness to us. Sometimes due to the hurt of the past and the willingness to forget and move on makes us believe opting to forget is the panacea. Interestingly and maybe paradoxically, forgetting is hardly an option as it is not something one decides and does “just like that”. On the other hand, there are times when people opt to forget because the present is by far a far cry from the achievements of the past.

I am not one to pretend not to know that the past is often glorified. How often do we hear adults say “hei, bana ba gompieno mathata they are not like us”. Or, “things were good in the past, but as for these days, is all bad!” These things are said through generations. Even the generation that glorified its past has been condemned by the one preceding it. Does this mean the world is in a state of constant decline, almost bordering on determinism such that this is the way the world was predetermined to unfold and nothing that can be done can change the way things are, as such is the way they are to be? But remember we must, as to do otherwise will be to insult and rubbish the memory and the spirit of those who came before us. God willed that through them a nation of Botswana will be born and take its place among the nations of the world! This happened and we are still basking in that glory! Ours is to introspect and determine whether we are comfortable with basking in the glory of and from the past. Each Botswana loving Motswana out to ask himself and herself what role they have to play in order for the glory of the past not to be relegated into relic status.

Editor's Comment
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