Discovering A Pearl Worth A Price becomes a Christian gem

Discovering A Pearl Worth A Price becomes a Christian gem
Talented local author, Mpho Goemekgabo who regards himself as prophet by calling, mentor, entrepreneur and philanthropist, has written a spiritual book titled Discovering A Pearl Worth A Price.

“Discovering A Pearl Worth A Price is my first ever book to publish. It consists of five chapters namely, Miracle Into Divinity, Identity And Coding, Dimensions Of worship, The Pearl Of A Great Price and The Prophetic Ministry.

The book is a pearl of strength through intimacy and knowledge of scripture, refreshing, transforming, fulfilling and a rewarding experience from a place of intimacy with God and His Word. It has 100 pages, with five chapters only,” Goemekgabo told Arts & Culture in an interview.

Goemekgabo who discovered his writing skills in 2014 explained that the book was published in South Africa in September 2020.

He also said the spiritual book is an inspiration and encouragement to one’s exciting walk with Christ Jesus, from a place of intimacy. He said the book helps believers know their identity, spiritual position as well as making them aware of the divine nature they possess.

The born-again Christian further stated that the inspiration to write the book came after a vision that God revealed to him, teaching him about the four most important pearls, God treasures, which are a seal to a pneumatic lifestyle in the Kingdom of God that he writes about in chapter four of the book. Goemekgabo also said Discovering A Pearl Worth A Price is not just a book, but divinity in a written form that is why he could

not specifically say he chose the genre, as it’s part of his spiritual calling and privilege.

His target audience is the Christian community at large including the newly converted Christians, who are trying to discover their purpose, identity and seek revelation of who God is.

 Goemekgabo however, pointed out that writing the book was not a walk in the park as trying to tone down the wisdom and knowledge of scripture to accommodate all in the Christian community was not easy.

He said he was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that he managed to pen down every single thing God wanted him to share with others in a profound manner.

Above all, he noted that being able to finish the book when the world is in turmoil and the Christian community at large is going through a transition from a dispensation of the prophetic into what he believes to be the last phase of the Evangelical era was quite a challenge.

He advised other aspiring authors to discover their niche, master it, grow it and know their strengths.

Goemekgabo further emphasised that the most important thing was to be zealous, not work under pressure and consult with those who has done that before them because it would benDiscovering A Pearl Worth A Price is scheduled for release by end of October and it will be sold countywide after the launch.




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