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Maatla Basha 'forced' to do comedy

Maatla Ephraim Basha has thanked Batswana for noticing his talent
The Botswana comedy scene has over the years seen evolution of different comedians who utilise wide range of social media platforms to showcase their talents.

Amongst the local rib crackers, Maatla Ephraim Basha from Tlokweng uses unique storylines that have won him many hearts of his established fan base across the country.

This 31-year-old stand-up comedian has performed locally and internationally.  “I do not only do comedy videos. I am a stand up comedian, a content creator; I do not only produce comedy as I also produce other entertaining stories. I am an accountant and I worked in accounting field my whole life. I was once a teacher in a government school where I taught commerce and accounting,” explained the comedian.

“I was forced to do comedy by a gentleman called Walker Dibe. He was always reading my stories that I posted on Facebook. I did not know people were starting to see me as a comedian. My type of comedy is different from most of local comedians; I do scripted comedy with actors (drama). I also use right props to execute the jokes. I don’t use fake characters, if a character needs an old man, I don’t take someone to act as an old man.”

Basha said he has always collaborated with artists from different categories in the entertainment industry such as those in music and drama. The artists were engaged because he believes that unity is power and collaboration is key to winning.  Even though he has mainly worked with comedians in the past, Basha had recently started collaborating with musicians such as

Drama Boi, Vee Mampeezy, Young Amazing, Latty and many more. He added that he wished to work with others from different sectors with a fitting context.

Basha further explained that many people love his work, but pointed out that some do not understand his style although he is hopeful they would as time goes by. He said he has about 200,000 followers when he combines all his social media platforms, adding that his target was one million. He is working hard to reach the target.

“My biggest wish is to do a movie. The challenges I face is lack of equipment, I don’t have proper cameras and videography equipment to match what people expect from me. I am happy with the numbers of followers I have so far even though I don’t have proper equipment. I am not signed with any production house. I still struggle to get jobs and sponsors, but I will keep working,” he said.

Amongst all his video compilations, he said he likes the one where he took six girls on a date and bought them chicken feet. Basha said that was the funniest stunt he pulled in order to break a record. He however, added that he would commercialise his craft and was exploring other ways to do that. He thanked Batswana for noticing his talent. He said his comedy has employed many young actors, cameramen, and graphics, make artists amongst others.




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