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Deputy Police Commissioner sues PSP

Elias Magosi
The Deputy Commissioner for Crime Investigation (criminal investigation and crime intelligence bureau), David Mosetse has issued Permanent Secretary to the President (PSP). Elias Magosi with notice of intention to sue.

This comes after Mosetse was deployed to the Botswana Public Service College (BPSC) on July 3, 2020 as the Executive Director. Mosetse was redeployed after PSP Magosi summoned him to a meeting on June 29, 2020 where his superior informed Mosetse about an intention to transfer.

Mosetse’s attorneys, Akoonyatse Law Firm revealed that their client had responded on June 25, 2020 to his redeployment. In their letter to the Attorney General dated July 7, 2020 the lawyers indicated that Mosetse had communicated his readiness to be deployed as long as such deployment is not prejudicial to his current conditions of service. But Mosetse has not heard from the PSP till now.

Mosetse also reiterated that Regulation 26 (2) of the Police Regulations states that before a police officer takes up an appointment in the public service outside of the service, he should resign from the service.

“The above provision is one of the conditions of service of our client presently, and it is one that he expects will not be contravened when his proposed transfer out of the Police Service is considered. Resignation, as is the case all the time, must be voluntary. Our client position is that he has no immediate intention to resign from the police service. He is however to consider that route if certain measures are ensured like his current remuneration package comprising his basic salary and all the allowances and related benefits is protected and there is

no reduction on any of these,” the notice states.

Mosetse said his remaining tenure of service is 12 years given that he was due to reach retirement age at 62 years and he is currently aged 50. He pointed out that he had no intention of resigning from a permanent and pensionable employment into a fixed term service, and one that offers no incentives at that. The notice says Mosetse is willing to meet with PSP or any relevant stakeholders to explore an amicable closure for the proposal presented to him by the appointing authority.

“Kindly note that any attempt to force our client to accept the proposal transfer against his will shall be met with the necessary resistance, including seeking urgent court relief.

This letter therefore serves as advance notice to the honourable offices of all the addresses hereof that our client will institute court proceedings should there be any move to transfer him in violation of Reg. 26 (2) of the Police Regulations and/ or to compel to resign his current office in the Police Service,” the attorneys concluded.

Mmegi has learnt that Mosetse was deployed to BPSC on allegations that he is a close friend of the former spy chief Isaac Kgosi hence the current administration did not trust him.

Things became to the open when Mosetse was supposed to be acting when Commissioner of Botswana Police Service (BPS) was on leave but Office of the President declined.




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