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Seloko Back After Eight Difficult Years

BACK AT WORK: Seloko has returned after a lengthy absence PIC:KENNEDY RAMOKONE
After being unable to practise for the past eight years, attorney Isaac Seloko is finally back to the courtroom.

Seloko, who was barred from practicing in 2012 due to improper bookkeeping, is a delighted man after he almost lost everything over the years.

He was a prominent Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) member. Although he endured a tough period, Seloko said he did not give up, as he had to feed his family. Instead of moaning and groaning, he decided to become a business consultant, help mediate business disputes.

“My troubles started when I contested for Law Society of Botswana (LSB) chairpersonship in 2008. The team that took over from us started complaining and writing letters to me (he was secretary for LSB in 1998 and later became vice chairperson) that my accounts for the law firm and trust were not properly kept,” Seloko told The Monitor. “I was expecting this kind of fight and my firm to be interdicted from practicing because the campaigns were not clean. It was painful because I had lost a lot, I was chairperson for the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) Tribunal and I sat in different boards as a legal advisor. I was therefore forced to quit being a member of the different boards. My clients were forced to go to other attorneys.” He said it was after some attorneys petitioned the law society and

requested that his issue be resolved amicably as it had dragged for long. The matter was discussed at the LSB annual general meeting (AGM) last year. Seloko, who is also now a farmer, said his case has helped him realise that a person cannot survive by relying on one job and that there must also be a backup in case one is out of work.

In addition, he admitted that coming back to practice after many years is a serious disadvantage since it would take him time to attract clients.

“Of course, some of my old clients are slowly coming back, but I cannot expect to start big like before. Some of the clients would not trust a lawyer after what happened to my firm. I hope some of the business people and farmers that I had helped will also be my clients. As you can see my firm is starting small unlike before when it was big. I now have two employees, down from 10,” he said.

Seloko, who used to be a member of the BDP central committee for more than 12 years, said he is no longer an active member.

He served under three presidents; Festus Mogae, Sir Ketumile Masire and Ian Khama.

Seloko has also served in different party structures.




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