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The Best Pill To Swallow In Our Life Routine- Acceptance

What keeps you going from one life incident to the other? How do you manage the impact the life incidents have upon your emotions, body, spirit and mind?

Time allows events to occur at an ideal moment it chooses and we always get an emotional stretch out of each experience we encounter in our lives. The emotional stretch is either negative or positive. It influences our attitudes and ultimately builds the character or brand you are. Acceptance is the best medicine you could trust to propel you to the next new and exciting chapters of your life.

Grace drives us into situations that drain- dry each one of us yet they build us to match greatness destined for each one of us. We turn to experience very excruciating pains, feel very worthless and vulnerable. It feels like the world is at its end point; the bitter taste of life. Our emotions are proved and accustomed to the negativity presented by the faced challenge.

The situation preaches doom all over your life and indeed it appears to be so. But other reality is that each phase of pain has a limited time span. The pain that can open doors for one is also the pain that can make your life gloomy. This is all dependant on your ability to accept the situation that unfolds before each one of us.

When you have an appetite to accept situations as they come into your life, you will always know that everything happens for your good. That is a quality of a positive mind-set. Acceptance is the key to our emotional freedom. It allows no negative situation to be prolonged on our minds which can potentially grow severe strong emotions like hate, anger, bitterness, jealousy and/ or a have a deceitful heart. All the latter emotions are causes of lifestyle diseases.

Reality happens every day in our lives and we ought to flow with it by accepting it. When you do not accept the incident you end up living it for the rest of your life. Opportunities will come and pass by because you are focused on the past.

Each day comes with so much grace for you to busk in the joy and peace the universe offers through it and the only way is through acceptance.

Forgiveness is made cheap by acceptance.

You will know that everyone is not perfect therefore they are bound to mistakes. Mistakes are never budgeted for by anyone thus one creates a room to allows others to express their flaws without judging them. This prolongs and strengthen relationships. Love is acceptance. You cannot express any affection without accepting the other partner’s weaknesses and strengths.

One day,  a certain lady who grew up from a very humble background, fell pregnant at her teen age and because her poor condition she gave up her newly born baby boy with an African map birth mark on his thigh for adoption.

She grew up without her son and later in her stage of youthful life, got married to the wealthiest man in her community. She could not give her husband a child and it really pained her that she gave her only child away. They hired a young boy whom her spirit could not accept but the husband loved so dearly and wished he could be his son. She ridiculed, humiliated, insulted and reduced the esteem and worth of the young boy. One day she got angry at the young man and stripped his cloths off while he lied on the floor with a suicidal thoughts. When he stood up the woman saw the African birth mark on his thigh. She dropped the iron rod she meant to hit him with and started crying in a deep pain. She has been mistreating her son all this time due to her pride of wealth. She apologised and the young man accepted the apology and a reunion was made. They all lived in harmony there after.

Acceptance open mysterious doors of GREATNESS and earns you a content yet positive perceptive about life.

*Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa is an Author of a book titled 50 SHOTS OF COLOR (Download e-copy on KINDLE AMAZON), Motivational Speaker, Radio Feature Presenter, Events DC and Humanitarian who believes that there is greatness to be unleashed in all of us. Contact him on  or call +26773791677 for bookings or What’s App +26771830584. Facebook page: Coloring Souls with Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa. LinkedIn: Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa. Instagram: #ColoringSouls.


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