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Comedian Dona BW makes waves

Famed for making up stories and his ability to turn lies into truth have got many of Dona BW's fans naming him 'Rramaaka'
Dona BW is a new kid on the block who has blown comedy fanatics with his hilarious comedy.

The young man who just landed in the local comedy industry recently has been able to win a great number of followers on his Facebook page ‘Dona BW.’ Famed for making up stories and his ability to turn lies into truth have got many of his fans naming him ‘Rramaaka.’ In all his clips where he interacts with a friend, the young man always says something only to turn tables around and act like he never said it.

Kefentse Ntshekisang who hails from Digawana’s talent is God-given. In an interview with Arts & Culture, he said people always told him that he was funny. Even though he knew that he is a talented comedian, the young man said he did not think he would one day pursue comedy as a career. However, in January this year he decided to the test water by sharing his talent with the world on social media only to get positive feedback in a short period of time.

“I started comedy on January and I have an overwhelming following in a short period of time. This made me believe that a lot of people love my work. My talent is unique because I am being myself. I doubt that there is anyone who can do what I do. Nobody can imitate me. My comedy is focused on my everyday life. Even though I write my scripts, my work is inspired by my everyday lifestyle,” he boasted.

Dona works with his childhood friend, Gofaone Lentswenyane also known as Cater who comes from Lobatse. The two met in Lobatse and have been friends for more than a decade. Dona said that he

loves standup comedy and aspires to be one someday. He said a famous South African comedian, Trevor Noah inspires him.

In his comedy, there are two characters, him and Cater where he always comes up with topics and lies to his friend all the time. Funny enough, Cater always seems to believe whatever lies Dona dishes out to him. The seriousness on this young man’s face when he lies is always priceless.

This young man has the ability of saying something and later denying it with a straight face or pretends to have a memory loss. His well-polished and unquestionable sense of humour has won him a great number of followers. This young creative comedian has about 80,000 followers. He has a simplified humour and uses ordinary Setswana language that can be understood by every Motswana.

The following are some of the comments from his fans on his Facebook page; Onkemetse Letshwiti wrote, “I don’t know how many times I have watched the videos now. I can’t get over them! Never seen anything like this. This is pure and original. No need to say much just watch and laugh all day.”

Na Ta Sha “He is very funny. Like I literally laughed when I wasn’t in the mood.”

Batsile Ernest Chibane “I have never seen someone who can tell 100% of false information but looking so serious on his face. Dona BW not a comedian, he is certified Con-Man.”

Dona BW joins other local youngsters who have a unique style such as William Last KRM aka Motsetserepa, Monna O Motona, Mojamaica, Jaah Breed Wa Metlae famed with his comedy, The Landlord and many others.




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