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Private schools predominantly in foreign hands

Caterpillar Hikuama PIC. THALEFANG CHARLES
The Minister of Basic Education, Fidelis Molao says the management of private schools in Botswana remains predominantly out of the hands of citizens.

Speaking at the ongoing Parliament session yesterday, Molao explained that it is resulted by the fact that private schools run like any other business with a view to ensuring good to excellent educational performance results hence their aim to recruit the best teachers at rates they can afford and in a sustainable manner. 

“There are 72 private primary schools and 44 private secondary schools making a total of 116 private schools registered and operating in Botswana. There are 4,853 teachers and support staff employed in these schools. The number of citizens managing these schools, heads and deputies is 55. This compares to 119 non-citizens,” he said. 


further explained that of the 4,853 teachers and support staff in those schools 3,355 are citizens, which represent localisation at 69%. Molao was answering Member of Parliament (MP) for Ngami Caterpillar Hikuama, who had asked him to update the House on the total of private schools (primary and secondary) operating in Botswana.

He also asked the minister to state the number of teachers and support staff with formal employment in those schools and state the number of locals managing those schools. He also asked him to state if he was satisfied with the localisation process in those schools, as far as employment is concerned.




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