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Rasethora's counsel on dating and success

Rasethora’s counsel on dating and success
A local life coach, Tshephang Rasethora has taken it upon himself to write a book that advises lovers to draw a line between their relationships and dreams which can either be career or business ideas.

In an interview with the 36-year-old author, he said his self help book entitled When Love Kills Success is about dating and personal success.

 He said the central message of the book shows people that sometimes many destinies or goals and targets that could be achieved can be killed by love itself even though love was supposed to be a good ingredient in achieving dreams. 

“Love then starts to be a bad ingredient in such a way that people start being conned by emotions and end up taking their lives, giving up their dreams because they have been depressed and they think they cannot achieve anymore. The book is about dating and personal success. It also to shows that dating must not destroy you but must grow you,” he said.

He added that being a life coach he deals with so many issues such as depression, failure, stresses and other human ills. He explained that he realised that in all the cases he has deal with, many people were stressed, depressed or failed to achieve their dreams due to dating relationships. Rasethora said during his sessions he also realised that he managed to save many lives and therefore decided to write a book that could save many people’s live.

The book, unlike one on one session can be read

at the readers’ comfort zone. After receiving many testimonies, Rasethora decided to touch many more people worldwide by writing his book about personal success. He advised lovers not to let love kill their success. He said every person’s happiness does not depend on whom they date but rather on personal progress.

“You can date the most beautiful girl or most handsome man but if your life stays the same you will never be happy. Many people are dating or chasing the most beautiful or handsome people and they are killing themselves by being obsessed and end up being depressed. When love kills your success, draw a line. Date and enjoy love but when it kills success, draw a line which I have used as a subtitle of this book,” he said.

His favourite chapter in the book is chapter four which is title is ‘Love and Personal Growth.’ This chapter talks about the two types of love, namely the mindful and the heartfelt.

The book has 105 pages and eight chapters. It was published on December 20, 2019. It is also sold in main mall’s Book Centre at P160 and online at The book will also be available today (Valentines Day) he will be hosting Valentines Dinner at La Sante Restaurant in CBD at 6pm.




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